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Nyt forskningsskib til Folkemødet
Aurora i Aarhus Havn. Foto: Aarhus Universitet
Nyt forskningsskib til Folkemødet
11-06-2014 11:29
Danmarks nye forskningsskib Aurora sætter tirsdag den 10. juni på sin jomfrurejse fra havnen i Aarhus kurs mod havnen i Allinge og Folkemødet på Bornholm. Her vil det blot to måneder gamle topmoderne forskningsskib være tilgængeligt for offentligheden.

DFDS ship with new name and fresh paint
15-03-2013 17:00
DFDS Seaways’ ship Dana Sirena has gone through its biannual servicing in the dry dock of Bremerhaven, and after 13,000 man hours it has now returned to service with a new coat of paint and a new name: Sirena Seaways.

Nordic Shipholding risk a winding up
13-03-2013 15:00
Nordic Shipholding expects to depreciate the value of its vessels by USD 40 million to the estimated market level. Nordic Shipholding then expects a pre-tax loss of USD 60 -65 million. Accordingly, the equity capital is lost and expected to be negative by approx. USD 40 million.
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Triple-E ships call in Aarhus this summer
12-03-2013 17:00
The world's largest container ship, the first in the series of 20 new giant container ships with a capacity of 18,000 TEU, built in South Korea for Maersk Line, is expected to dock at the container port in Aarhus in August.
Demand for more security off West Africa
11-03-2013 17:00
Danish Shipowners' Association is now pushing to increase the security of Danish merchant ships in the waters off West Africa. The Shipowners' Association are amongst others in contact with France, who as a former colonial power already are patrolling with warships in the area.
 DFDS renews and expands agreement
07-03-2013 17:00
NTEX AB and DFDS have today renewed and expanded their customer agreement on shipping of trailers on DFDS' route Gøteborg-Immingham/Tilbury. In January 2012 NTEX changed most of their volumes to the shipping company North Sea Ro-Ro.

 Norden loss of 269m dollar in 2012
06-03-2013 17:00
Norden lost 269 million dollar in 2012 compared to a net profit of 88 million dollar in 2011.
The fourth quarter of 2012 was better than expected and was the second best quarter of the year earnings-wise.

New research vessel will be named Aurora
04-03-2013 17:00
The Roman goddess Aurora gives name to Aarhus University's new research vessel which from the summer of 2014 will sail out to the four corners of the world to seek enlightenment. The keel has been laid and the new state of the art vessel begins to take shape in the yard.
Lauritzen loss of 350m dollar in 2012
26-02-2013 18:00
Writedowns of 167 million dollars and a loss on sales of vessels due to counterparty defaults amounting to 104 million dollar, sent J. Lauritzen down in a spin to a total loss of 350 million dollar in 2012.
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Mols-Line ferry in final construction phase
25-02-2013 17:00
The Australian shipyard Incat in Tasmania is putting the finishing touches on Mols Line’s new large catamaran ferry KatXpress 2. The ferry is built with as light materials as possible, which means that it can reach a top speed of 36 knots.
Triple-E vessels have no aft thrusters
22-02-2013 14:30
Maersk Line's new Triple-E container ships have two propellers and two rudders, and therefore they are not equipped with the aft thrusters that may have caused the flooding that three weeks ago struck Emma Maersk.
 A.P. Moller Maersk profit of 4.0bn dollar
22-02-2013 09:00
The Maersk Group delivered a profit of USD 4.0bn dollar, which was slightly higher than the latest announced outlook. Maersk Line made a profit of 461m dollar, compared to a loss of 553 million dollar in 2011.

 First picture of new Maersk flagship
21-02-2013 16:00
The first picture of an almost finished Triple-E container has now been posted on the Internet. It is a boat enthusiasts who shares images on the portal Ship Spotting who has captured an image of the first Triple-E vessel with a telephoto lens.

Unifeeder for sale at DKK 3 billion
20-02-2013 17:00
The private equity fund Montagu Private Equity has set the Danish shipping company Unifeeder for sale at DKK 3 billion. Maersk Line is mentioned as a potential buyer for the feeder shipping company according to Børsen.
Rohde Nielsen obtains German contract
18-02-2013 17:00
Until 2016 around 23.3 million Euro have been allocated for filling sand by Sild. Environmental Minister Robert Habeck decided on Friday to allocate this amount for the next four years. Danish Rohde Nielsen is awarded the contract.
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Emma Maersk to be towed to Europe
15-02-2013 16:00
The leaks on board Emma Maersk have been sealed, and she will soon leave the Suez Canal Container Terminal to be towed to a European port for repairs. Maersk Line is able to reorganise its fleet without chartering replacement tonnage.
Welltec heading towards an IPO
13-02-2013 17:00
The company Welltec, based in Allerød, which develops and manufactures advanced drilling equipment for the oil industry, has launched a process aimed at entering the C20 index.
 Many seek jobs in the offshore industry
12-02-2013 17:00
The phone rings up to ten times a day at Danish Offshore Energy in Esbjerg; calls by jobseeking Danes or people who already have jobs. They want employment in the offshore industry. This shows a growing interest in the industry, says chairman of the center, Anders Eldrup.

 DMI helps Mary Arctica in Antarctica
11-02-2013 17:00
For the first time ever the Greenland Ice Service has guided a ship through the ice far from Greenland waters; in the Antarctic. Here, Royal Arctic Line’s container ship Mary Arctica has brought supplies out to three research stations.

Ballast Convention moves a step closer
08-02-2013 17:00
IMO's environment committee MEPC has decided to suspend the sampling of ballast water for a period when the Ballast Convention comes into effect. But other control instruments, such as certificates and document check, will be maintained.
RAL looking for new yard
07-02-2013 17:00
Royal Arctic Line is exploring the market to find a new shipyard to for their newbuilding program. Apart from four settlements ships it also includes a container ship for the route between Aalborg and the main ports in Greenland.
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Scandlines improve on Gedser-Rostock
06-02-2013 17:00
Preliminary traffic figures from 2012 indicate that Scandlines has managed to turn the tide of their development. It is particularly the Gedser - Rostock route that shows progress. The company has, however, had a slight decrease on Helsingør - Helsingborg, while Rødby - Puttgarden shows stable numbers.
Clipper energy management certified
05-02-2013 17:00
Among the first shipping companies in the world, Clipper Group has received the ISO 50001 certification for their vessels. The certification covers both Clipper Fleet Management as a company and those vessels which are in technical management by Clipper Fleet Management.
 Ship leaking after collision in Kadetrenden
04-02-2013 17:00
The Dutch freighter Statengracht started leaking on Friday night during a collision in Kadetrenden. No people were injured in the collision but the Dutch ship was lopsided and had to seek port

 A2SEA might be put up for sale
01-02-2013 17:00
DONG Energy's 51 percent stake in the fast-growing specialty company A2SEA may come into play as a result of DONG selling assets with a value of at least DKK ten billion.

Northeast Passage without icebreaker
31-01-2013 16:00
Russia are loosening their grip around the Northeast Passage. In the future it will be possible to sail through the passage without being accompanied by Russian nuclear icebreakers, and when circumstances permits it, it will bee possible for ships that are not built for sailing in ice to sail through as well.
Sea Installer has solved its first task
30-01-2013 17:00
A2SEA’s new installation vessel Sea Installer has solved its very first task: installation of two Siemens 6MW test turbines at Gunfleet Sands 3. This is the first time ever that Siemens 6MW turbines have been installed offshore.
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DFDS ro/ro be delivered during autumn
29-01-2013 17:00
Construction of the first of the two ro / ro ships to DFDS by the German P + S Werft in Stralsund has been resumed. It is now expected to be ready for delivery during autumn. The second of the two sister ships will be delivered in the beginning of 2014.
Dong in the forefront of offshore wind
28-01-2013 17:00
Every fifth windmill built at sea in 2012 are listed and owned by Dong Energy. So informs Dong with regard to an annual review by the European Trade Association EWEA of developments in offshore wind turbines.
 Maersk Line reaches 2020 CO2 target
25-01-2013 17:00
Maersk Line has reached its 2020 target of reducing CO2 emissions by 25% from its benchmark 2007 levels. The company will now raise the target to a 40% reduction in CO2 by 2020.

 New Mols-Linien ferry creates 70 jobs
24-01-2013 15:00
Mols-Linien’s investment in another catamaran ferry, KatEXpress 2, provides new jobs in Jutland, Denmark. This week the company will start searching for about 70 employees, including a number of seamen to man the new fast ferry, which will be inserted in the course of May

Monjasa to run tank installation in Skagen
23-01-2013 15:00
Monjasa has entered into an agreement with the Port of Skagen on the construction and use of a tank installation for petroleum fuel to ships in and out of the harbor. Port of Skagen will build storage facilities that will be operated by Monjasa on a long-term contract.
DONG invests two billion in Fredericia
22-01-2013 15:00
DONG Energy is now investing DKK 2 billion in a reconstruction of the oil terminal in Fredericia. The rebuilding means that the oil terminal in the future will be able to receive oil-containing gas.
Nordic Bulk Carriers break Arctic record
21-01-2013 15:00
In 2012 ships from Nordic Bulk Carriers sailed through the Northeast Passage 10 times. Hence the company was in charge of more than one in five sailings through the passage in 2012. Next year the number will grow further.
Nordana contracts for 4 MPP H/L
18-01-2013 15:30
Nordana has signed contracts for 4 units MPP H/L vessels with Sanfu Shipyard in China.
The ship design has been developed in a close and constructive co-operation between Nordana, Sanfu Ship Yard and Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute.
 The wind turbine industry need navigators
17-01-2013 15:00
During the next eight years at least 3,000 new offshore wind turbines in European waters must be installed. It requires highly specialized installation vessels and skilled seafarers to operate them.

 Maersk afoul with the law on ship shares
16-01-2013 15:00
A row of deals regarding ship shares in A.P. Moller - Maersk, between the Company and a number of senior employees, have contrary to the rules not been notified to the Danish Maritime Authority. Maersk acknowledges that mistakes have been made

New Danish ferry tested in Bangladesh
15-01-2013 12:00
The next Hundested - Rørvig ferry, which is being completed at a shipyard in Bangladesh, has been out on its first short sea trial on a river. When the ferry is finished it will be shipped to Denmark as a heavy-lift.
Torm lost 7.5m dollar in Q3
07-11-2012 09:00
Torm recognized a loss of 78.5 million dollar against a loss of 70.5 million dollar in the third quarter of 2011. The total deficit for the first 9 months amounted to 289.3 million dollar. Torm maintains its forecast for 2012.
Maersk shuts down terminals an offices
30-10-2012 13:00
MARITIME SERVICE: To protect employees from Hurricane Sandy, Maersk Line decided on Monday to close all its offices and terminals in the northeastern United States. There is no set time on how long the offices will remain closed.
Erria gets back 30.5 million euros
30-10-2012 11:00
SHIPPING: A chinese shipyard has repaid 30.5 million euros to Erria. The tribunal in London decided that Erria was entitled to cancel the last two newbuilding contracts at Rushan Shipyard, China, and so a refund was in place.
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