DFDS ship with new name and fresh paint

DFDS ship with new name and fresh paint

15-03-2013 17:00:00

DFDS Seaways’ ship Dana Sirena has gone through its biannual servicing in the dry dock of Bremerhaven, and after 13,000 man hours it has now returned to service with a new coat of paint and a new name: Sirena Seaways.

Sirena Seaways has undergone an extensive review of the ship's main and auxiliary engines and maintenance of propeller heads, a total overhaul of the steering system, new hinges on walkway ramps and repair of the main board and a number of other standard maintenance checks.

"Sirena has not missed a single day of sailing the past year. Our team of engineers are doing a great job of keeping our ships on the water, but there are certain types of maintenance work that can only be performed while the ship is in dock", said Carsten Røjgaard, Country Manager for DFDS Seaways.
As this time of year is the most quiet for DFDS, it is the perfect time for service checks.

Source: DFDS Seaways

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